Free! not that kinda of free

I am not some hippie dippie BUT I am trying to use soaps, shampoos, etc that are free of dyes, perfumes, parabens, sulfates, etc because I listened to a radio segment that was all about how parabens and these other things are effecting our hormone levels. Even BPA free plastic isn’t good for usūüė¶ I still use plastic because I haven’t been able to find replacements for sippy cups and other things like that. I just don’t put any plastic in the dishwasher since the heat breaks it down. I am also a minimalist so I wash a lot of stuff by hand and don’t bother waiting for the dishwasher load to happen because I want the stuff clean before that. I have one stainless steel sippy cup and have been hunting stainless steal cups and stuff but it’s not that easy nor cheap!

ANYWAY- Walgreens makes a whole line called Ology¬†that is free of dyes, parabens, sulfates, etc. I thought it was worth sharing because this line makes trying to live a somewhat cleaner life possible. It is more affordable and just might go on sale time to time, plus you can buy a bunch of different products in one store making it easy to look for one label that you don’t have to read! I also buy Burt’s Bees which is also available at Walgreens that is 20% off this week so go stock up on your paraben free face washes!

Oh one more thing- I noticed that Johnson and Johnson makes a natural baby wash! Another brand called Babyganics also has a baby wash. I mention these both because they come in pump bottles and I find that’s most convenient during bath time, you need only one hand to get the soap out. I’ll probably get one of these next because I need a pump. And I think Loreal has a kids shampoo that is paraben/sulfate free but don’t quote me on it.

Peace. Love. Happiness.



Top Notch



We went to Top Notch for burgers this past weekend. This place is famous for two reasons:

1. Charcoal grilled burgers

2. Dazed and Confused filmed here

It’s a cool burger joint. You can drive up, sock hop style, or sit in the retro dining area. The burgers are a good size and were very good but the fries pretty much stunk. I was intrigued when an elderly couple in front of us ordered the shrimp dinner… at a burger joint.



Jozia Jewelry


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My Aunt Josephine has launched her online store!

Jozia is the Polish nickname for Josephine, pronounced you-rza.

All of the jewelry is handmade in her Beaufort, North Carolina shop. Take some time to browse. She will customize any and every piece and she will even design a whole new piece for you.

photo 1 photo 8




Generic Pampering

I can’t buy name brand/fancy items when it comes to bath products. I am the worst! I like to tell myself that I am going to get that sugar scrub or fancy wrinkle cream because I am worth it but I don’t. I just can’t fork over the cash when it comes to items like these. At my house you’re going to get the basic shower experience. ¬†Edit- I am using my stock of nice bar soaps so this month’s offerings are handmade soap from Slovakia and MamaSaysWash. Some of you are familiar with MamaSaysWash because of the JPP I send out when you follow my blog. I’m starting to babble. Edit again- I do have fancy creams to use because of Birchbox but the day I have to purchase my own anti-wrinkle/SPF/makemeskinny/darkcircles/miracle cream I’ll see what is offered at Target and the same goes for bar soap when I finally run out of my “nice” stuff.

even the ugly-ness doesn't turn me away from these generics!

even the ugly-ness doesn’t turn me away from these generics!

Flashback to when I would party hard (haha) and stayed the night at Char’s I loved taking a shower at her place because there were 3 fancy shampoos to choose from, skin was baby soft from sugar scrub exfoliation and every part of me smelled like roses. Not to mention that Char would make some yummy oatmeal pancakes with an amazing peach/lavender infused jam paired with exotic coffee and/or tea. That girl knows how to treat her guests! Should I have taken notes? I do remember buying a box of Apples Jacks for someone…

From Wikipedia-

L’Or√©al’s famous¬†advertising slogan¬†is “Because I’m worth it”. In the mid 2000s, this was replaced by “Because you’re worth it”. In late 2009, the slogan was changed again to “Because we’re worth it” following motivation analysis and work into consumer psychology of Dr. Maxim Titorenko. The shift to “we” was made to create stronger consumer involvement in L’Or√©al philosophy and lifestyle and provide more consumer satisfaction with L’Or√©al products. L’Or√©al also owns a Hair and Body products line for kids calledL’Or√©al Kids, the slogan for which is “Because we’re worth it too”

So the moral of the story here……..

Ramen Tatsu-Ya


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I finally made it for ramen! There is always a line here (you better follow the line etiquette and if you forget the rules, they are posted).

I have been drooling for this noodle soup for about 6 months now? Luckily it was a cooler day and the indoor restaurant temp was not cozy which makes sense when serving steaming bowls of soup. I was ready for ramen!

The lunch menu is precise and to the point, I am a big fan of a reasonable amount of selections since I DO NOT DO WELL WITH HUGE MENUS.

photo 5

The best part of my Ol’ Skool Ramen- “Tokyo Style chicken based shoyu ramen with chashu, ajitama, menma, nori, white and green onions” was the ajitama- AMAZING. I might need to start marinating eggs. I added naruto maki to get the full experience but next time I will just order extra ajitama. My dining buddy, Susanne, and I order a yuzu kosho and chili bomb which are decent size balls of spice/hotness, yowzers.

Tatsu-Ya is located in the same parking lot of Din Ho Chinese BBQ (scroll down to read my review of Din Ho), a new Asian supermarket and other Asian restaurants therefore AWESOME LOCATION.

And don’t forget to slurp!

photo 6

marinated egg gloriousness

marinated egg gloriousness

Fall Bounty

It’s faaaaaaalllllllll! You’ve got to say it Oprah style:

Andy has his 9 month check-up on Thursday at 8am which means the morning temperature might just be cool enough to get a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! Say it again Oprah! The temps stay under 100 this week. Cross my fingers, cross your fingers, we do not hit 100 degrees again this year….


photo copy 2


I might carve the pumpkin for trick-or-treaters, might

what should I do with these?

what should I do with these?


I haven’t been around these parts in awhile. This blog post is even “old.” I started writing it when the news first broke but life happens. For instance, today I had a very grumpy teething boy. The teething is NEVER ENDING.

I feel SUPER ACCOMPLISHED because I chopped parsley and chopped/peeled ginger. They are now in my freezer for when I need it! Made some super yummy healthier General Tso’s chicken this week. Thank goodness for having ginger in the freezer, I highly recommend.¬†Got the recipe from my gal pal Martha-¬†General Tso’s Chicken Recipe. She doesn’t seem very gal pal, does she? Still LOVE HER.¬†Thanks to my mom! My mother showed me how to properly chop parsley/cilantro and that I should be freezing basically everything and I mean everything.


It took British Airways announcing this amazing news to get me to babble about it! There’s a few people here in Austin who might have 300,000 British Airways points and family in Europe! Christmas 2014, here we come!

This is the song that comes to my mind when I hear Dreamliner! hahaha

I looked up what this song is suppose to be about, weird.

Andrew is almost 9 months old! No time to waste with planning the Christmas card. I know Halloween is before but I am not into dressing babies who have no clue what is going on. I don’t mind a festive pumpkin shirt but I have to find a t-shirt since it will be still warm here. I have only seen long sleeves. I will be back this weekend with Andy’s 9 months photos.

Easy Peasy


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Since George headed back to Austin before Andy and me, I left George a honey-to-do list. On the list was to paint our bedroom. While I liked the color in general, the gray was making our room too dark.

We used left over paint from when we painted the rest of the house. Yes, boring but I love light, neutral colors. I just do. Some may say, drab, I say ELEGANT.



didn’t get anything else new, just paint and curtains!



Dark and dreary


photo 2 copy

Ikea curtains! Easy and cheap!

photo 2

Didn’t even make the bed all nice, noticing now how messy it looks

photo 1 photo 1 copy

14 Day Challenge!


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George is convinced that he can make dinner for 14 days without purchasing any protein. He thinks our pantry is constantly getting stocked so he wants to use what’s in it. George¬†was so bold as to say “I am confident that I can make dinner for 14 days.” I of course made him shake on it IMMEDIATELY since that guarantees me not cooking!

Disclaimer- 75% of the time George does make dinner.

The rules-

1. Fresh produce is allowed to be purchased (more like a must)

2. Only has to make dinner

3. Can’t buy spices or carbohydrates or dessert (big sad face about dessert)

4. Has to be a reasonable dinner/meal

5. I can’t complain

Let the games begin!

Frozen veggies and fruits

Frozen veggies and fruits

Mishmosh- I am looking forward to the canned salmon dinner night!

Mishmosh- I am looking forward to the canned salmon dinner night!


Meats. I can’t explain that box of Smart Ones breakfast sandwiches, George got those one day. I have yet to break out the ice cream maker this season!

There is a bottle of raw apple cider that I am using for my most recent homeopathic bloating stomach remedy

There is a bottle of raw apple cider that I am using for my most recent homeopathic bloating stomach remedy.

Flavor emporium

Flavor emporium

Baby food and some grains, he might get lucky here

Baby food and some grains, George might get lucky here. Let’s not forget the onions and garlic.

I don't know what George will find here.. I stare at this shelf everyday looking for a snack and find NOTHING

I don’t know what George will find here.. I stare at this shelf everyday looking for a snack and find NOTHING, funny how that happens even as an adult when you stock your own snacks!

Celebrate with Laura and me!

Happy Birthday Laura!

I am celebrating because I have packed away ALL my maternity wear except for one pair of capris and one pair of shorts! Wooohoooo!! Celebrate! I also squeezed into a pair of pre-pregger jeans and while I can zip them up, they are tight! Celebrate! I started packing for the big NJ trip which led me to putting away “winter” stuff and cleaning out the things I no longer wear. Celebrate!

I love purging especially things that give me guilt. I get sooo guilty when I make that pile of things I no longer wear. I have to say, living in Austin I have bought way less clothing items and I also don’t have the urge to own so many things. It helps that there are exactly two seasons- super hot and warm to lukewarm. I also realized I had an extensive winter wardrobe which never sees sunlight anymore. It is so easy to stock pile cute, cozy sweaters. It’s not so easy to get cute tank tops and shorts that expose more skin! I also have changed my mentality to buying the right stuff that fits me and not all this trendy stuff. My mother and I had a laugh about me having to get a maternal wardrobe, hahahaha. Let’s be honest people, these legs have never looked good in short shorts!